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The Tamarak Team

We've built a well-balanced team, whose skills and experience compliment and blend with one another, is top on our priority list. Meet the members of Tamarak who continue to define the future of venture.

Brenton Hatch


Keaton Hatch

Partner + CEO

Nate McBride


Kacie Malouf


Sam Malouf


Jeffrey Steed

Chief Legal Officer

Randy Garn

Operating Partner

Brian Child

Operating Partner

Jared Erickson

Operating Partner

Jon Zappe

Vice President of Operations

Bethany Kramer

Human Capital

Corissa Thomas

Portfolio Resource Manager

Josh Harrop

Venture Analyst

Daniel Scarpino

Operating Partner / Head of Marketing

Daniel Kellis

Art Director

Caleb Jones

Project Manager of Digital

Alejandra Gonzales

Graphic Design

Craig Lewis

Director of Asset Development

John Kramer

Properties Manager

Conner Merrill

Opperations Assistant

Kaden Davis

Opperations Assistant

Josh Penrod

Director of Wellness

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