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The tamarack is a coniferous tree that grows mostly in the northern reaches of the US and Canada. It’s known for its hardy nature. Its ability to withstand extreme conditions, including cold and wind. It’s strong. It’s durable. And it’s a symbol of what we stand for here at Tamarak Capital.

Nate McBride Speaking at Tamarak's Venture SummitNetworking at Tamarak's Venture SummitSam Malouf speaking at Tamarak's Venture SummitJohn Kramer reading pamphlet at Tamarak's Venture SummitBethany Kramer and woman working booth at conference. Tamarak's Venture SummitLinden Baker showing offer Fairkind Products on table
Nate McBride Speaking at Tamarak's Venture SummitLinden Baker showing offer Fairkind Products on table
Established in 2016

Our Start

Tamarak (TMRK) is a venture-focused family office in Springville, Utah. It was founded by friends and close business associates Brenton Hatch, Keaton Hatch, and Nate McBride, who all worked together at Profire Energy (NASDAQ: PFIE), an oilfield technology company.

Founded by Brent in 2002, Profire began as a small oilfield service company in Alberta, Canada that steadily developed a suite of oilfield-management technologies for heat control. These technologies were increasingly adopted by some of the most active energy producers in the world, and in 2008, Profire went public and moved its headquarters to Utah where it significantly expanded its executive talent. Shortly after setting up its US operations, Keaton and Nate joined the company to lead its operational and financial functions, respectively, as the company grew quickly across the United States. Profire uplisted to NASDAQ shortly thereafter.

After working together closely for years, Brent, Keaton and Nate decided to use their experience as entrepreneurs and operators to launch a new type of venture capital firm—one that invested capital but also gave support, time, and a team of talented pros to help its companies. So in 2016, with some planning, hiring, and excitement for helping Utah's best founders, Tamarak was born.

"I wish my VC had more investment experience"

—no one, ever

Tamarak is a VC started by entrepreneurs and operators. We're built to help your company grow.

Where we're heading

Over the next four years, Tamarak invested in some of the best companies in Utah, including Pura, Journeyfront, Reach Reporting, and many others. Then, in June 2020, Tamarak announced its expansion to a multi-family office with an external round of funding received from Sam and Kacie Malouf, founders of Northern Utah’s Malouf Companies, home furnishings and sleep technology experts.

Malouf Companies has won many national awards for its culture and leadership, including Inc.’s Best Workplaces, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, and numerous high-ranking CEO awards. Malouf Companies is also Utah’s largest Certified B Corporation®.

Now united with Malouf Companies, Tamarak is setting its sights on fueling even more of Utah's future entrepreneurs. They will bring cutting-edge resources to Silicon Slopes’ premiere entrepreneurs with capital (obviously), elite services, and mentorship to accelerate their success.

Tamarak is invested in numerous industries, including B2B software, consumer goods, consumer software, home technology, industrial, fintech, automotive, and real estate. Tamarak is committed to serving local entrepreneurs and businesses. Our focus is to have at least 75% of our portfolio be local and independent companies.

Keaton Hatch, Sam Malouf, Kacie Malouf signing deals in conference room

We look for the companies that stand out. That do things counter to the current culture. Then, we build alongside them.

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