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No one does capital quite like we do. We are a venture capital company with more to offer, from initial funding to exit (and everything in between) we'll be here to help you grow and mature.

TMRK Services

How We Support Our Companies

Venture Capital is always better when it’s done together. Our TRMK service stack allows us to work closely with our portfolio companies while providing them with a wealth of tools and support. These services include, but are not limited to business support, marketing expertise, and professional consulting, to better generate meaningful growth.

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The TMRK Approach

Our approach extends much deeper than just providing initial funding, while we always invest in companies who break the mold, we also invest in companies that have potential. Then, we asses where we can nurture that potential, and offer support and help in those areas. We take advantage of our robust network of marketers, developers, strategists, PR specialists, and more in order to provide each of our portfolio companies with the support they need. We think venture capital is more meaningful and successful when it’s done together, so we ensure that our various services reflect that. 

TMRK Services

We offer advisory services and consultancy, including business planning, analysis, management, and organization. Additionally, we provide robust marketing services, activities, and the launching of new products.

Advisory Services and Consultancy

Many budding companies have strong proficiencies in product development or go-to-market strategies, but may not have the expertise to effectively scale and bolster their business. This is why we provide our TMRK advisory services, like business planning for future growth, business analysis, business management assistance, and business organization expertise. Additionally, our Human Resource consultancy service can help improve any business’ culture and internal operations. 

Our board members and highly experienced professionals provide each of our portfolio companies with the business coaching they specifically need to help them grow to their fullest potential.

Marketing Services and Assistance

Every brand, no matter their size or experience, can benefit from help or support in marketing. So, we created a robust, full-service, in-house marketing arm that exclusively works with our portfolio companies. Our TMRK MKTG team’s experience and versatility offers powerful branding solutions; help with product creation, positioning, and go-to-market strategy; advertising strategy and creation; content strategy and creation; website development and creation; PR/SEO assistance; and overarching creative strategy and messaging. Anything your brand needs can be created with TMRK MKTG. 


Although last on our list, the financial services we provide certainly are not least. In addition to providing investments and specified, growth-stage funding, we also provide much-needed financial advisory on the backend. We even offer interim CFO services to help early and mid-stage companies set a solid, financial foundation for later-stage growth. Each of our portfolio companies can benefit from our highly experienced financial advisors and consultancy services to ensure that their company is not only running efficiently, but as profitably as it possibly can. 

Know People who Know People

Powerful Networking By Your Side

Many start-ups lack powerful networking. But, when we invest in your company, you gain instant access to the myriad of executives, groups, advisors, and mentors that we’ve collected as we’ve grown.

Many of our portfolio companies find quickly that the relationships we offer almost become even more valuable than the capital we provide. As we help you extend your network, your ability to succeed expands. And that’s what we like.

Growing in the In-Between

The life of a budding company is delicate and interesting. The future may seem a little unclear, the next steps a little uncertain. However, with Tamarak’s help, the unforeseeable future can become far less foggy as we help you push forward, grow, and expand. We win whenever you win, so we’ll be here for you each and every step of the way, with sage council, wise guidance, and even a little bit of fun.

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