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Homeownership has consistently grown out-of-reach for many Americans. And often, would-be homeowners can afford the monthly payment, but just can’t afford the initial down payment.

Now there’s a solution: shared home equity. Habi matches real-estate investors with main street homebuyers to provide their down payments for them, so they can get into the home they want–whether it’s their first home, a home in a better neighborhood, or a home with some extra space for growth. Homeowners pay less interest, eliminate PMI, and share some of the future home appreciation with Habi–so Habi only wins if homeowners do!

Tamarak was quickly impressed with the Habi team’s understanding of the US housing market. Their founding team thoroughly understands market trends, homebuyer pain points, and the incentives of lenders, agents, buyers, and real estate investors. After seeing their vision for the future, their business model, and their strategy for including key market players, Tamarak helped found Habi and solely funded their 2019 pre-seed round, plotting a course with their founders to make Habi a reality across the US.

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