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Hello, and welcome to the future of venture capital.

Investing in multiple stages of venture funding, Tamarak collaborates with bright minds to shape the future of technology, culture, and business in Utah.

An ode to the moldbreakers and risk takers.

We are built for the moldbreakers and innovators; those who find the ordinary lackluster and extraordinary essential. We are here for the adventurer who ventures, the restless who wrestle, and the individuals who are willing to stand alone to bring everyone else together.

Venture Capital Reimagined

From initial funding to exit (and all the in-between), we'll be here to provide an expertise in marketing, human capital, and finance, networking, and anything else your business may need to succeed.

Are there love stories in venture? There are here...

To all the successes, the inspiring stories, and brave individuals that build our company.

Tamarak and the Start-up.

We were built to provide the start-up with exactly what it needs to succeed. Let’s see how well we can work together.

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For those who venture...

We are here for those who invest and for those who partner. We want to venture better together. Let's connect and see how.

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Better together.

Our TRMK service stack allows us to work closely with our portfolio companies while providing them with a wealth of tools and support to better generate meaningful growth. These services include, but are not limited to, business support, marketing expertise, and professional consulting.

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Say hello to the future of venture.

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Making great things, maximizing business goals.

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