Our Newest Acquisition May Just Help Your Uterus

Written by
Emily Colm
September 9, 2022
Springville, Utah

Something to Smile About

“Let’s give your uterus something to smile about,” reads one of Mixhers’ brand new freeway-side billboards. This message is a unique one. In fact, we’ve heard that it’s so surprising it runs the risk of becoming a roadside hazard as drivers double take to make sure they actually read what they thought they read. There aren’t very many companies in the world that are so dedicated to period side of woman’s health and nutrition, and even less that are so bold while doing it. But, Mixhers is, and they care in a deep way we couldn’t ignore.

This may be one of the reasons they’ve just become one of our newest portfolio companies.

Their CEO and Founder, Jess Toolson, doubles as an incredibly effective and vivacious front-woman of a company dedicated to turning the period-talk paradigm on its head. She’s not only created incredibly effective and testimonial-spurring products, but has also provided a much-needed platform and community for women to share their monthly experiences and talk about solutions, complaints, and problems.


Her unique story began after having her twins, a little later on in life. Her period symptoms worsened for the first time ever, and after a slew of unsuccessful and less-than-helpful doctors visits, she decided that there had to be a better way to deal with or treat menstruation. Her path crossed with Cody Sanders, Mixher’s co-founder and Holistic Health Practitioner, who had a different approach.

“Mother Nature has provided us with natural, earth-grown remedies that can regulate hormones, reduce inflammation in the uterus, and stifle our monthly strife.” This hit home with Jess and they set to work creating a product that could actually do something about the painful, hormone-swinging, monthly experience.

After two years of painstaking research, formulation, re-formulation and testing, Hertime was born and Mixhers was off and running. The product was an overnight success, and as testimonials increased, so did Mixher’s popularity and reach. Jess, who was not only surprised but overwhelmed by the wonderful reception said:

‘We are, first and foremost, a company built by women, for women. Driven and dedicated to helping every individual embrace their time of the month by giving their body the proper nutrition it needs. So, to see a product that we had worked so hard on do exactly that was stunning. In fact, we’re still amazed to this day just how far our reach has extended. It’s what we set out to do, and it’s what we’re going to keep doing!”

Mixhers now boasts a robust, woman-dedicated product line that extends to green-based supplements, multivitamins, intimacy nutrition, and so much more. This company has taken the world by storm and continues to expand at an astronomical pace. With the recent funding from Tamarak, Mixhers will have a chance to bolster their online presence, increase marketing efforts, and reach even more women who will have the chance to take back their time of the month.

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