The Maloufs Named Entrepreneurs of the Year

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Emily Colm
September 9, 2022
Logan, Utah

2022 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Sam and Kacie Malouf have been named MountainWest Capital Network’s (MWCN) entrepreneurs of the year for 2022. The decision, according to MWCN’s committee, was an easy one, as they took into account the extensive reach of both the companies the Malouf have founded and the companies they currently back and support.

Here is a brief overview of what the Maloufs have been able to accomplish in their relatively short professional life, just to provide some additional context on their most recent accomplishment:

“Sam and Kacie Malouf are the co-founders of Malouf Companies, a vertically integrated business with operations in consumer products, technology, retail, logistics, and venture. Headquartered in Cache Valley, Malouf Companies is a significant driver of economic growth in northern Utah, employing over 1,600 people across a network of 55 brands and businesses.”

Additionally, they’ve added more companies to their portfolio, creating a family of brands within the Malouf name that include: Malouf™ Home, Dr. Oz Good Life™, Downeast™, Impact Suite™ and Tamarak Capital™.

Tamarak Capital, in particular, acts as an incubator for new and budding companies, providing investment, much-needed networking, and top-tier business strategy and support. Many of these companies have grown into massively successful entities, extending even more so the Malouf’s influence.

However, the Malouf’s work doesn’t stop there:

“In 2016, the Maloufs founded the Malouf Foundation™ to fight against child sexual exploitation, specifically sex trafficking and online abuse. Most recently, they’ve announced a meaningful partnership with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation to further that goal. Revenue generated by the Malouf network of brands and businesses helps to fuel the efforts of this foundation. In addition, Malouf Companies is Utah's largest Certified B Corporation®, dedicating its business success to benefit social and environmental performance.”

This all-out dedication to doing good, giving back, and supporting the network of individuals and brands around them, makes the Maloufs a perfect choice. In fact, MWCN's Entrepreneur of the Year Chair Jake Kastan said of them:  

"The Maloufs are an ideal choice for our Entrepreneur of the Year award, as they embody everything we look for in candidates. Alongside the outstanding success and growth of their brands, they embrace giving back to the community and seeding entrepreneurship in others. Their commitment to the Malouf Foundation goes above and beyond what we typically see among corporate philanthropy."

The Maloufs were given their well-deserved honor in the middle of February at the Grand America in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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