Pillowcube + Tamarak: It's time for some Pillow Talk

Written by
Emily Colm
September 9, 2022
Lindon, Utah

Side sleepers and night sprawlers rejoice!

Pillowcube’s got your head (and your back).

We think it’s about time you met the cube-shaped pillow (especially if you’re a chronic side-sleeper). This nighttime innovation, designed and dreamt up by Jay Davis, has gently shaken the world awake from its flat-pillow stupor, and introduced them to a better night’s sleep forever and ever; one that comes in the form of a cube.

Jay was an avid side-sleeper, and had had a lifetime of feeling completely unsatisfied with his nightly side sleep. He would have to bunch up, fold, and stack pillows just to get the neck support he needed. He’d also wake up with sore shoulders, a sore back, and sometimes, a sore neck.

It also seemed that he had either passed down this genetic trait to, or at least infected, his children with this side sleeping propensity. So, Jay was determined to find a better, more comfortable solution for side sleepers everywhere. Jay traveled the world (actually, he scoured the worldwide web) to find the perfect side-sleeping solution. What he found fascinated him: Egyptian pharaohs used a head-rest to give themselves that perfect 90° angle while they slumbered. Ancient Japanese side sleepers used a wooden box to prob up their heads while they slept.

The stability and support these early models seemed to afford their sleepers was fascinating to Jay, so he decided to follow the same patter they had used, but bring it into the modern era (wood is cool and all but memory foam is so much more comfortable). After trials and failures and redesigns, Jay finally created the perfect cube upon which side-sleepers can perch their faces. And it took the world by storm. And, quite frankly, it took us by surprise.

Enter Tamarak:

We saw this The Pillowcube as an incredible innovation. A much-needed shake-up in an otherwise dull, unchanging industry. Pillowcube had taken one of the most widely-used, yet stagnant categories on the market and made something different, fresh, and ergonomically sound. So, we decided to invest.

And, just like the Pillowcube has been a dream come true for the world of slumberers who prefer to lay on their side, this partnership has turned into a wonderful match for both Pillowcube as a company and Tamarak as a VC firm. We’re pleased to introduce Pillowcube to our family of brands, and will rest just a bit easier with them in our world.

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